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Silence the Sea Oil

Perfume Oil

Silence the Sea Oil Sizes Available:
10ml $390
1.25ml $55
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**A warning for anyone looking to try this fragrance line: most of the scents are on the feminine side. The only one, in my opinion, that can be called "a unisex fragrance" out of the four that were purchased (dead of night, melt my heart, silence the sea, and falling into stars) is this one. The ambergris gives off an animalic and sweet scent and is complimented by the oud, jasmine and tuberose. Being born in a coastal city, this scent is true to its name. The projection/sillage is within elbow-distance and the scent lasts for a few hours (maybe around 2-4, depending on the weather). Great for anytime of the day. All in all, while pricey, it is definitely worth the money to add this one to the collection.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 1/21/2020
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