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Suspicious about the reviews and video, I got a sample. Then the FB. Now I’m ready for another. Of all possible addictions to have, this is the best. Not like anything else I have, there’s something that evokes both joy — even ebullience — and a vague haunting in a manner that makes you want to look around that corner because you can’t help yourself. The thing you can sense (but not quite see) is unusual yet familiar. More like a seductive lingering that you just ...must ...have. I generally dislike rose — except for the living bloom — so I don’t really recognize the drydown scent AS rose, but it’s velvety for sure. I can’t keep from using 2 or 3 times a day, including a bedtime misting. Gorgeous.
By   - Professor from Vancouver on 5/12/2021
What a refreshing beauty. At first, I get a strong citrus—almost resinous somehow. More like grapefruit peel oil or that strong sense you get by smelling eucalyptus aromatherapy oil. The ingredients don’t list any menthol or eucalyptus tho, and it dissipates very rapidly. I get transported from an artist’s gallery in Tokyo to a high-end spa in Kyoto. The floral notes aren’t pronounced, but they aren’t candy-like either as it was for an earlier reviewer. On me, it’s a skin scent without much projection, but that, IMO, is my own private glory, shareable to those who get close enuf to whisper in my ear. Very uplifting; caresses the dopamine into flowing...
By   - Professor from Vancouver on 12/18/2020
Beautiful and lovely; aromatherapy at its highest. A bit candyish, however, which keeps me from loving it.
By   - Person in the world  from NYC on 11/4/2020
Kurokami (Japanese for beautiful black hair, an ode to Japanese beauty) is an ode to a lovely Japanese Rose. The perfumer surrounds natural Japanese Rose extract with subtle notes of sandalwood, rosewood, grapefruit, clementine and jatamansi in this chypre-style composition that is quite breathtaking. It is an immediate transport to a dewy fragrant floral garden. Unisex (slight feminine) with moderate to good projection and longevity. Beautifully blended. Subtle and evocative. Enjoy
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 9/21/2020
This is a stunning clementine-rose-palisander/sandalwood fragrance. It opens juicy, and somewhat herbal (most likely from the grapefruit), but as it dries down, this fragrance opens up magically into a creamy, airy, alluring rose. The rose used here is neither jammy, nor sour. It leans into the velvety category. I could picture the rose petals used being violet in color. Finally the drydown of palisander and sandalwood act to extend the life of the rose, and give this perfume a rich, clean texture. Performance is well above average, and projection is personal, yet noticeable. The value is incredible, as these natural materials are expensive. I highly recommend this to any lover of florals. 10/10.
By   - Wine Making Student from New Rochelle on 7/23/2020
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