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33ml $240
0.7ml sample $8

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This is a stunning clementine-rose-palisander/sandalwood fragrance. It opens juicy, and somewhat herbal (most likely from the grapefruit), but as it dries down, this fragrance opens up magically into a creamy, airy, alluring rose. The rose used here is neither jammy, nor sour. It leans into the velvety category. I could picture the rose petals used being violet in color. Finally the drydown of palisander and sandalwood act to extend the life of the rose, and give this perfume a rich, clean texture. Performance is well above average, and projection is personal, yet noticeable. The value is incredible, as these natural materials are expensive. I highly recommend this to any lover of florals. 10/10.
By   - Wine Making Student from New Rochelle on 7/23/2020
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