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Hana Matsuri


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Starts spicy/green, woody, tart. Almost agressive, but not quite- a brilliant equilibrium. Than it looses it's sharpness and turns to a glorious, perfectly balanced alpine-floral. Quite extraordinary. I have yet to see how it develops over time.
By   - tea sommelier, farmer.  from Montreal on 9/28/2021
this has made me feel like i'm wearing the scent of an older man - an older man with panache and a great choice of fragrances, but definitely an older man. the vetiver, oakmoss, and pine are really what you end up with after the very brief appearance of the citruses and sansho pepper. it's a classic "men's fragrance", but subtle and not at all cloying. not for me, but i could definitely see a lot of people loving it.
By   - logistics from warner robins on 8/28/2021
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