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Kagiroi is a beautiful woody/herbal/citrus perfume. It opens with (to me) exotic Japanese herbs including shiso and the scent of sansho seed, creating a sort of astringent, but delicate herbal accord. The florals are light. I pick up the heart of ylang as a fleeting white, without the cloying banana/custard aspects of some ylang oils. The drydown is a light wood, with a distinct agarwood and cedar quality. The agarwood used here is of the light, woody type, the kind you might find in a high quality Thai or Vietnamese plantation oud. As with all Di Ser, these are naturalistic, impressionistic scents. Small treasures.
By   - Attorney from Brooklyn on 10/14/2020
A unique mediative and transportive woody aromatic chypre style scent. The perfume opens with aromatic citrusy notes of yuzu, lemon, pepper and coriander. The brief heart showcases ylang ylang surrounded by slight hints of vetiver, patchouli and shiso (Japanese mint). The perfume settles on a woody bed of Hinoki cypress, rosewood, slight agarwood and cypriol. Very beautifully blended reflecting the natural beauty in the Northern part of Japan where this farm to bottle natural perfumery is located. Absolutely superb!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville VA on 9/21/2020
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