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Eau de Parfum

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A simple natural and stunning floral fruity fragrance, this is yet another winner from this Japanese natural perfumery house. Containing only 3 other notes that surround a beautiful natural jasmine sambac enfleurage (bergamot, orange and vetiver), this perfume whose name is meant to evoke the vividness of the sun rays during setting is serene, meditative, and transposing. Beautifully blended with moderate sillage and projection and good longevity, this is modern natural perfumery of stunning simplicity.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
akanesasu is a velvet green, soft fuzzy, great very natural leaning perfume. i cant really describe it in words, im not an artist with words. but i can picture wearing this for office, after gym or sports shower, going out. its very intimately for you, if you can imagine this. it will make you smell very pleasant. flowery in green and whites.
By   - none from lv on 9/15/2018
The Di Ser smells great but since this fragrance is all natural ingredients the Sillage is soft and short. This is eau de perfume NOT extrait. The longevity is weak and poor. Being citrus fragrance it doesn’t last long. I think about an hour the most I get from this fragrance and than it disappear.
By   - Healthcare  from San francisco on 6/27/2018
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