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Oh OroNardo why did I even try you? I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with you. This is an eyes roll back in your head perfume. Beautiful, sweet and delicious but never overwhelming or sickening. Cannot be compared to Fracas at all. Much better. Just wish it lasted a bit longer.
By   - Mom from San Diego on 8/4/2020
OroNardo is a gorgeous white floral that skirts the line of being *too* sweet. It's heavy on the jasmine on me and the mock orange makes an appearance in the heart notes, keeping the whole thing from becoming a floral explosion. The sillage is strong enough that I can catch an occasional whiff of it when I'm not expecting it. This reminds me of Byredo's Flowerhead but, at least on me, the jasmine is stronger in OroNardo. A wonderful summer perfume.
By   - Student from Greensboro, NC on 5/7/2018
I really like the work of Rodrigo Flores-Roux. This is a lovely fragrance but might be a little short lived. I love the marigold note and I love white flowers. I will try it again when the weather gets warmer. If it lasts longer, I would definitely consider buying this perfume. And oh, the bottle.........
By   - managerial from manchester on 3/8/2018
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