Areej Le Dore

War and Peace II

Extrait de Parfum

30ml $230
0.5ml sample $12
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I was so excited when it showed up in my mail box. O couldn't wait to spray it on but i only get 2 to 3 hours AT THE MOST with this scent. I don't know if my nose gets immune to it or if I'm just one of the unfortunate souls that it doesn't stay with. Believe it or not i find myself reapplying this stuff 2 or 3 times a DAY!!!!! Uggh someone help me this cost me a pretty penny
By   - Self employed from Philadelphia on 11/27/2020
Further to my earlier review, castoreum/smokey leather and rose stay around for about 3 hours before fading away. After that you are left with sweet dirty musk which projects like crazy. I smell it all around me. Another 3-4 hours later, rose comes back. A bit later, rose and musk disappear and ambergris becomes very prominent. Another hour, and musk and rose come back again. This is a phenomenal perfume. Opening is heavy musk and civet and rose, but the drydown is very different from anything else. Superb!
By   - Retired from Toronto, Canada on 9/8/2020
WaP opens up with amber, rose and lots of musk and civet. It smells similar to Bal a Versailles EDC from the 80s, which is mainly musk, civet and tolu balsam (florals). So to me, WaP and vintage BaV EDC are almost identical, at least in the very beginning - minimal florals, but lots of musk, balsams and civet. BaV has noticeable smoky leather. WaP has castoreum (aka leather), which is not prominent from the start, but I am getting it after 30 min or so, smokey leather, with less civet now. In summary, WaP is beautiful, dark, heavy, musky, smokey leather. To me, it is similar to vintage BaV EDC, which in turn is similar to vintage Shocking de Schiaparelli EDC from the 50s which has honey instead of tolu balsam, lots of civet and amber.
By   - Retired from Toronto, Canada on 9/8/2020
I am obsessed with this one, but took a star off because it is HARD to find a situation to wear this beast. At this point I wear it only at home or at industrial/metal shows. I can pick out every note mentioned in the description and it really is incredible— the most interesting rose scent I own. Would smell amazing on a guy, but my husband for sure wouldn’t know what to do with it! A must for any animalic fan, it really is a wild scent and a little goes a long way. The powdery note is definitely there, but paired so perfectly with the castoreum and vetiver. Truly an incredible scent for the person that has everything.
By   - Graphic Designer from Philadelphia on 3/1/2020
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