Areej Le Dore

War and Peace II

Extrait de Parfum

War and Peace II Sizes Available:
30ml $230
0.5ml sample $12
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Here's what other people are saying about War and Peace II...
I am obsessed with this one, but took a star off because it is HARD to find a situation to wear this beast. At this point I wear it only at home or at industrial/metal shows. I can pick out every note mentioned in the description and it really is incredible— the most interesting rose scent I own. Would smell amazing on a guy, but my husband for sure wouldn’t know what to do with it! A must for any animalic fan, it really is a wild scent and a little goes a long way. The powdery note is definitely there, but paired so perfectly with the castoreum and vetiver. Truly an incredible scent for the person that has everything.
By   - Graphic Designer from Philadelphia on 3/1/2020
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