Areej Le Dore

Siberian Summer

Extrait de Parfum

Siberian Summer Sizes Available:
30ml $160
0.5ml sample $10
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Once again LuckyScent's description is rather spot-on on this one. I received this bottle as a birthday present & it has not disappointed after a couple wears. I LOVE Champaca, so I loved ALD's Walimah & Koh-I-Noor, & while this is not as floral, this is very, very nice. The "Siberian" vibe really comes through nicely... It feels like you're off in the woods far from home. Maybe there's a few bits of remaining snow crunching under your feet, but it's mostly a bright, animalic-influenced & woodsy scent. Like the best ALD scents, this one goes for a whole day, no problem. I'd say this is more masc-leaning, but I'd love to smell it on a woman who could pull it off!
By   - Entrepreneur  from Los Angeles on 11/8/2019
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