Oud Luwak

Extrait de Parfum

by Areej Le Dore

Oud Luwak Sizes Available:
30ml $195
0.5ml sample $10
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The most popular of the fourth batch of Areej Le Dore offerings is a pretty straightforward Oriental gourmand with high quality natural ingredients. The perfume opens with notes of Oud and coffee that stay throughout its length of the stay. As it begins to settle down, one can detect slight spice gourmand notes such as nutmeg, jatamansi and carrot seeds. Finally upon complete settling, the coffee Oud remains with hints of cedar, vetiver and benzoin. The end product is a scent that is evocative of many of the slightly darker gourmand offerings of the past, most notably those of the Slumberhouse line. Unisex (masculine leaning) with moderate to strong longevity, sillage and projection with a linear development on skin. Nice but unexceptional.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
I recently tried the samples. Oud Luwak stood out as radiantly beautiful! On my skin at first the civet stood prominently while the coffee, florals and spices were in the background, Only 5 minutes later the coffee and florals predominated. Hours later the spices came to the forefront with a slight animalic feature. It was still on my skin 19 hours later! It's gorgeous.
By   - Retired from San Ramon on 11/7/2018
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