Extrait de Parfum

50ml $570
0.7ml sample $12
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I have purchased Nefs after watching a review & reading comments over YouTube. I have Ani of which is quite a wonder & I totally love it. . So. After reading that Nefs is more opulent than Ani & represents the smell of a wealthy man. I blind purchased Nefs from other site because I was able to obtain a 25% discount. Anyway, let me say that Nefs is not worthy of the price tag given. It's not a beast mode or has a unique smell by any mean. Actually, I believe ANI is a a lot better choice by a mile & have a stronger projectio
By   - Banker from Jeddah on 10/28/2020
For their centerpiece collection scent, Nishane has pulled out all the stops and has assembled this juice with 18 prominent notes and the result is surprisingly mediocre. Unfortunately, in spite of its super deluxe notes and price, it feels like fairly generic vanilla oud scents available in the market for much lower prices. This one is going to be a tough sell for Nishane. It is not a bad scent by any means but for this hefty price tag there are so many better options available. Unisex with moderate to strong projection and good longevity.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 6/30/2019
honey? no thanks everything else looks good. i might try it.
By   - hsbsj from hsbs on 6/14/2019
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