Extrait de Parfum

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That burst of mint is refreshing! I like the way this evolves on my skin. I cant wait to do a full wearing. What I am most interested in is the oregano in this one! That is usually not a note you see listed in fragrances and so that IMO gives the fragrance a earthy twist, slightly herbal even with a hint of wet rain. I am thinking of making Chicken and Potatoes Oregano for dinner to satisfy the urge to taste that oregano all cooked up in the meat and potatoes, everytime I smell my wrists. The dish is a cooler weather meal and i have some dryed oregano from the Dominician Republic that I will use...Unutamam is a fragrant bouqet you wont soon forget very nice indeed! I love the price point and 30ml!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 8/30/2019
Intense! Very aromatic and masculine. A little goes a long way. Complex, Sexy, Unique...not like anything else.
By   - Creative Director from New York City on 6/14/2019
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