Extrait de Parfum

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Opens with a stronger motorcyle leather and incense vibe. Quickly softens to a buttery brown-leather glove worn with Hollywood shades, perfectly vintage-coiffed hair, and a scarf. Florals blend with the leather gloves after months of fragrance wear. And then, if one breathes in really deep (diving past all the yum), one just might imagine questionable traces of barnyard poo. It's a sexy scent, but will have to test a few more times before making any long-term committments.
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 11/18/2019
One of the most distinctive and weird openings ever-- a huge blast of every fruit, spice, and resin you could find in an arabian bazaar blowing up at once. Has many bitter notes that I would not normally like, but the whole thing is one of those experiences that you have to try to understand. Just genius!
By   - retired from mount aukum on 2/23/2019
I read one reviewer say the opening of this was challenging. It is sublime and exotic. I don't get dirt. I get sexiness, maybe that's what people mean by rubber but that's not what I'm smelling. I mean if I search for rubber I can find it, but for me there is undertone of floral sweetness, just a drop for balance. Animalic properties but all constrained with true deftness. Fur that doesn't knock you over the head. A citrus that is maybe grapefruit but again so well cheated that you can't say for certain. I wish I could afford a full bottle right now. What an impressive blending the citrus and musk, the wood, the entire mixology of it is godhead. BOTTLE worthy, genius.
By   - IT GIRL from Princeville on 1/17/2019
A very interesting modern aromatic/animalic/leather. Pleasant and haunting. the description above describes it perfectly: really no pyramid unfoldment as such, just a warm study in animalic leathery balsamic impressions. Never funky, oleaginous, headshoppy or skanky... just glowing and comfortable with a diffusive aromatic, woody airiness, with modern ambergris spotlighted. Perhaps it could be more nuanced, surprising and detailed, yet its simple self-evidence is probably what will be winning about it to many. Easily unisex.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/12/2018
A genuine masterpiece! Powerful and explosive in nature, with equal parts sweet myrrh and spice, and bitter- sour notes that keep you interested in what it has to say. I don't get the rubber notes that others mention, which is good. Not a scent for everyday wear, something to wow friends and dates. A must have for serious students.
By   - retired from MOUNT AUKUM on 4/6/2018
If you giggled maniacally the first time you tried Bulgari Black, stop reading and proceed immediately to the Buy button. This is a glorious rubber-leather-licorice-salt rumble -- very much a Black with dirt under its fingernails -- that warms and reconstructs itself as the drydown progresses. It ends up as an approachable leather with some nice green around the edges and a clean-dirt earthiness. All hail a gentle giant.
By   - editor from Seattle on 9/10/2017
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