Pacific Rock Moss

Perfume Concentrate

by Goldfield & Banks

Pacific Rock Moss Sizes Available:
100ml $185
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Pacific Rock Moss...
So, I''ll be the jerk that goes down to 3 stars. Don''t get me wrong, this is not a bad scent. It''s really not. In fact, it''s pretty dang good for what it does. A clean(ish) marine-based scent. It''s warm, inviting, and utterly unoffensive. It gets average performance for an aquatic, on my skin I detect it for about 6 hours (nothing exciting by any means, and probably average for the type of scent its going for). So, why 3 stars? Its the hype - this guy is overrated and, at its price, difficult for me to justify buying another FB once I''m out. And I don''t find this being the first I reach four in the summer months either. In my top ten summer rotation, yes. It''s good. Just not as good as some people would have you believe.
By   - Military from Texas on 11/24/2018
This fragrance is absolutely amazing!! I’ve never experienced a fragrance like this. The hype is real, this EDP excells in every aspect. The scent is unique and absolutely exquisite. I bought a sample to try the scent, but mainly to check the performance, because I saw mixed reviews about it. This product performs incredibly well, not only for an aquatic with delicate notes, but for any EDP. Not only at the opening and the heart of the scent, but this perfume kept pushing out during drydown for the rest of the day. From the 7th hour onwards I could experience a parade of different notes, mainly geranium, cedar and musk. This fragrance is worth every dollar of its cost.
By   - Travel Consultant from Miami, FL on 7/27/2018
Personally for me, this is signature scent worthy. I''ve seen reviews saying the performance and projection are just okay, but for me this thing is beast mode, especially in the hot weather. As far as scent goes, this is the most refreshing fragrance i''ve ever smelled. It''s natural aquatic with a fruity quality to it that puts it above every other fragrance in its category. The price is a negative, but if you''re looking for that one perfect aquatic in your collection, this is it.
By   - Graphic Artist from Brooklyn on 6/23/2018
I found this to be a very nice scent, but not crazy far above many others. I don''t get the reason for the hype. Very wearable by a wide range of people though, I expect.
By   - writer from Chicago on 6/12/2018
The scent IS nice and very aquatic. The dry down is even better and so far the performance appears to be pretty good. Definitely a summer daytime fragrance.
By   - Insurance adjuster from Houston on 5/8/2018
Love the scent especially the dry down, however like most aquatics the projection and longevity lacks. It only last about 3 hours on my skin.
By   - Computer Sales from Rancho Santa Margarita on 3/21/2018
Upon first smelling Pacific Rock Moss, I initially found the fragrance to be cloying almost like walking into the Macys fragrance department. After testing it out, I found the scent to be quite pleasant, giving me an oceanesque and forest-like vibe to it. Performance wise, its last about 3-4 hours on me until it barely becomes a skin scent and the sillage is okay, but not great (about 2-3 feet). Overall, I would give this fragrance a 55 because on the scent alone despite its lack of performance.
By   - Registered Nurse from Hayward, CA on 3/19/2018
This fragrance is amazing. I didn''t really like the smell at first spray but the dry down for me was amazing.Best aquatic scent I''ve ever used - really makes you feel like you''re at the ocean.Also this site rocks, extremely fast shipping considering its back-ordering and gives you a lot of samples.
By   - Dude from Valdese on 3/19/2018
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