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You're in the desert. You're crawling. For a moment, you look up from the dried sand, past the scattered and twisted, dried trees, and you see a siren. She's dancing in a cool mountain forest, breathing deeply behind a mist. She's picking raspberries out in those resinous woods, singing with a voice that touches your soul, and you see yourself with her. You're paralyzed as she looks deep in your eyes, as she puts a raspberry in her mouth and chews once, as she leans over to whisper something in your ear. But, you're in the desert, and now she's in the desert, off at a distance, teasing you with her naked form and a basket of fresh raspberries, laying on those twisted, dried trees. Empathy by The House of Oud.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
Beautiful! The Oud is very elegant and easy to wear with the aid of raspberry fruit notes and florals. It is dark, syrupy fruity infused with some faint herb notes to make it interesting. My nose does not pick up any tobacco unfortunately. It is not my style but what a gorgeous fragrance!
By   - student from Rabbit Hole on 9/28/2017
Half dark, boozy raspberry, half smoky cigar ash all the way on me. Reminds me of chambord and cream on ice being sipped in a cigar lounge on old leather sofas. Ridiculous, but something my Dad let me sip as a kid on a special occasion, so it has depth for me. Lasts forever on my skin, it's a strong one. I find it beautiful, and I'm not generally into fruit scents.
By   - Management from SC on 9/26/2017
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