Eau de Parfum

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This is what you have been looking for. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to discover a true skin scent but one that other people can discern - not necessarily as a "perfume" but as the divine essence of who I am emerging from my pores. I smile and want to hug myself when I catch a whiff of Poudrextase when I move my arm or bow my head towards my chest. Peppery and soft, buttery and animalic. The scent of warmth and clean skin, but clean skin from a real living being who showers but also has a chemistry that no shower or dial soap can conceal. I am reminded that I am human - alive, magnificent, flawed, unique, loud, quiet, courageous, timid, breathing into my brilliance and sweating into my anxiety.
By   - Professor from Brooklyn on 4/8/2019
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