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Du Bois blends some of the finest fragrances and Heritage is a masterpiece! Heritage is ethereal and evokes a feeling of "nirvana". It literally creates a regal aura indescribable by a mere mortal touching a higher realm. So very well blended and the superb quality of the ingredients is evident. Incredible!!
By   - Caregiver from Northeast on 10/10/2020
very nice. complex fresh white powdery sillage: skin scent, duration ~6hrs. very similar to amouage gold man if you really need something for less expense.
By   - rich from the sun on 3/4/2020
I ordered a sample and Its amazing parfym !!!! Its very pitty you dont have a 30ml /50ml cuz Its too expencive...?? Sure i will order more sampels
By   - Teacher  from Oslo on 9/14/2018
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