Black Jade

Eau de Parfum

by Lubin

Black Jade Sizes Available:
50ml $130
100ml $160
0.7ml sample $4
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When I really, deeply, love something, it's more difficult to write about it; Sometimes there are fragrances that feel like they are part of you. That is how I feel about Black Jade. While I normally would avoid this much rose, this is the perfectly balanced complex and spicy fragrance. Cinnamon and cardamom take center stage. This is a dynamic perfume that stays light enough to never cloy and maintains the perfect arms length sillage; It encourages people to sniff closer. It smells completely different on skin and fabric. It can stick around very politely on clothes for days. If you like spicy florientals or classic French perfumes, try this.
By   - Designer from Portland on 4/20/2018
You're drinking a cup of milk tea in a rose garden, tea that you've ordered iced, lightly sweetened with sugar and vanilla, and heavily sprinkled with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. For a moment, your heart sways between the sweet and the spicy, the lull and the invigoration, the ice and the sun, and then it's gone. You're left with the paper cup, the hodgepodge of debris at the bottom, and the distant roses that you've briefly forgotten. Black Jade by Lubin.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
An almost stereotypically French floral as we used to think of them -- big, boozy-ripe, with plenty of more-is-more high-petal-count notes in the mix. It’s beautifully done, though, and the bitter-green galbanum note is on hand to apply tiny pinpricks of reality to the proceedings. The drydown is particularly pleasant, turning away from the narcosis of all those flowers to a warm amber-vanilla effect.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/29/2017
The story is silly, and I could care less. The fragrance itself is beautiful and easy to ear. Not groundbreaking, but pretty nonetheless.
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn on 8/6/2016
People come to a scent in a number of ways. I would never have discovered this beautiful fragrance had I not taken one of those silly quizzes on Face Book, "Which Ancient Queen Are You?" The answer for me was Marie Antoinette. And that started me wondering, what fragrance might she have worn? A Google search led me to Black Jade, by Lubin, concocted from an antique formula. I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! Soft & enveloping.
By   - HR/Benefits/Actress/Singer/Director from Acworth, GA on 4/26/2016
I was surprised after all the 5 star reviews that I'm totally underwhelmed. It's pleasant enough as a sheer rose/incense chypre type fragrance but it's not unique and not necessarily better smelling to me than others in its category(but more expensive). I'd say Marni and Eau D'Italie Paestum Rose are just as good and a better value.
By   - Dancer from NYC on 2/2/2016
This is freaking amazing. Seriously. Divine. And way out of my normal range. I could wear a burlap sack and still feel elegant smelling like this. There is some innocence too, without being girlish.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/15/2015
I LOVE this beautiful scent....I can't wait until I've saved enough pennies to buy a full bottle. It's elegant, refined, and grown up. It's just the perfect mix of flowers, incense, and spice. French perfume defined!
By   - Pharmacist by day, Mom 24/7 from Grayson, GA on 12/9/2015
I usually burble on about perfumes in my reviews, but this one doesn't need advertisement from me. It is simply charming, a gentle and refined floral/woody beauty that makes you feel nostalgic. This is a great classic of French perfume, and even if it isn't quite yours, you really ought to try it anyway.
By   - Office from Boston on 8/19/2015
First off I think this smells divine. I'm not sure which bottle size is the EdP, but that one for sure smells the best and has the best longevity. It's warm and sweet and spicy, but not at all dry. It ages well throughout the day and happily the complexity stays consistent. Now, I know this may be going out on a limb for some but this perfume contains spices and oils that are known for their natural aphrodisiac properties. Just from my experience with this perfume, I think it is safe to say that there may be something behind that. My fellow is certainly more, ahem, attentive, when I wear this. And I get a lot of attention and chivalrous behaviour from strangers. Bottom line: It's a timeless warm feminine scent and it makes me feel beautiful. Not like marylin monroe but like a natural beauty shunning makeup that loves animals and sweet things and hasn't been touched by darkness.
By   - Courier from Saint Paul on 4/13/2015
This perfume is amazing--how have I not reviewed it yet? It starts out fresh, but the cardamom and maybe a touch of cinnamon develop as the perfumes dries down. Lovely, just lovely and feminine. Sweet, pink rose too. Can't say enough good things.
By   - Broker on 12/6/2014
Very nice. It's a sophisticated spicy-floral that is neither too soft nor too loud. As others have mentioned, it's extremely well-crafted and quite complex. Sillage is close but present, and longevity is lasting, at least twelve hours. It could be worn in all seasons, but I do agree that it's subtle warmth suits winter better. I also agree that it's more of a night time scent than a day time one - it's soft, but it's potent. Unfortunately, it's a bit too mature for me, a bit too much of a perfume-y perfume for my liking, but it is lovely and for someone else, I could easily see it being the perfect elegant choice.
By   - from LA on 12/3/2014
It may just be my body chemistry, but this smelled like citronella bug spray on me. It softened out, but still had that harsh citronella scent.
By  on 9/30/2014
This is such a beautiful scent. As others have stated it continues to morph and change while you wear it. You can tell it was expertly crafted. Nothing in the department stores on this high level. On me I find it has a powdery smell that stays underneath but never overwhelms- it is Not a grandma smell. This will be my next FB purchase as I have went thru three samples of it. I would suggest getting a sample if you like soft florals and understated orientals.
By   - Manager from Chattanooga on 6/26/2014
i was in LA and stopped by scent bar at a friend's suggestion. the woman who helped me was super nice and suggested many scents for me to try, based on my likes, and this was one of them! i probably never would've tried this, if it weren't for her (so thank you! i wish i knew her name.) it's different than anything i own, but still very "me" and i am so glad i did try it. it starts off on me as a peppery, spicy rose backed up by other spices. it really smells more peppery to me than cardamom or cinnamon. then after a few minutes, the incense, amber and tonka come through, making this thoroughly warm and intoxicating. this scent is very sophisticated in a dark elegant way. it brings to mind the scent of roses and incense burning on a warm day. i will probably go through my sample fast while i save up for a bottle, but i definitely have to have this!
By   - artist/occultist from oakland, ca on 3/27/2014
How very interesting. This perfume is not at all what I expected. Despite knowing a lot about Marie Antoinette, I confess that I expected this to be much more "out there" and cloying. A little on the intense side. I was very wrong though! It is so much more simple and "kind". The opening is an effervescent burst of bergamot and lush roses. Delicious! The middle notes are held together with rose. Cinnamon adds the spicy edge to the fullness of the rose, and on me, takes its place as part of the heart. It morphs between rose and syruped cinnamon on my skin. The base is noticeably tonka bean and amber. All of this together, composes a fragrance uniquely strong, refined, and altogether unexpected. It is very deeply maternal, sweet, comforting, and even powdery. I really am speechless to its beauty. I feel I know Marie Antoinette better for having worn this. My deepest thanks to Luckyscent, and the House of Lubin for making such a heartfelt secret made available. Vive la Reine!
By   - Student from Saint Paul on 4/19/2013
What a fascinating perfume! At first, it is almost overwhelming on me. Then about 1/2 hour in, it morphs into something magical, and what I love is it keeps morphing, instead of weakening. It becomes this, then that, then another thing, all wonderful, at least with my body chemistry. A Note to Lucky Scent: Thank you so much for offering sample vials. I never would have discovered this perfume if I hadn't been able to try a sample. I'll be ordering the large bottle of this! My only other wish is that this was available a parfum, and not just EDP. But it's plenty strong as EDP, unlike many other formulations.
By   - Writer from Santa Fe, NM on 2/14/2013
I can't get enough of this fragrance. It's so bewitching, so intoxicating, so mature yet young and ladylike. It bathes you in a cloud of sensuality and playfulness. I can't put my finger on what smells so good about this perfume. All I know is I cannot stop smelling my arms. I can't wait to walk around in public wearing this scent. It's not for the faint of heart, definitely a powerful scent. But wow, what an aroma. I love it, I can't wait to see what my boyfriend thinks about this smell. Thank you Marie Antoinette for having such a beautiful scent made for you (and now me!)
By   - Writer from Miami on 7/23/2012
Compliment #1-- a young man, half my age, " Ma'am, may I ask you the name of your perfume? I have never smelled a perfume like this before. I want to give some to my wife. This perfume gives a sense of . . .hope for a better day." Compliment #2, a friend " Your perfume actually gives me a sense of calm. Is it aromatherapy?" Lasting power-- I sprayed generously, because it is subtle, and I wanted to amp it up. At 12 hours, on a rainy day, the perfume was radiant and warm, the beautiful drydown still giving jasmine, rose, cinnamon and cardamom over the amber. And yes, it it is a relaxed, calm perfume. I love it.
By   - Attorney from San Francisco on 4/11/2012
After reading the reviews to use this lightly I applied a tiny bit to my wrist. Then, I had a sniff. Nothing. I smelled not a thing. Okay, so let's try the crook of my arm and maybe two swipes with the wand this time. Again I got absolutely nothing. Not a hint of any of the ingredients listed. I walked away and came back several hours later and re-applied, this time time to my cleavage. I applied liberally there and then again behind me ears. I asked my hubby to smell me. He asked, "Why am I smelling you?" When asked if he smelled anything he said, "You're not wearing any perfume, right? This is some sort of test, or something?" I kid you not. Half my sample vial is gone and the only thing I smell is lemon, which is quite lovely, but it's when I sniff the vial. I have never had this happen to me before. It's like my skin absorbs the perfume, but leaves no scent behind. Craziness. Thankfully, I only bought a sample vial.
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 10/17/2011
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