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Pure Oud Oil

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I am an oud enthusiast with an aversion to sweet smells. Pure Oud is not for the indecisive or faint of heart. This is the best oud scent I have tried. It is not softened, sweetened or mediated by rose or vanilla or sandalwood -- which is either a feature (for me) or a bug. Compare to Notorious Oud by D.S. and Durga and L'Oud by Tauer, both of which are strong oud-forward scents but not as pure as Pure Oud. Notably, Tauer warns that one should not buy L'Oud without trying it first. That warning should apply even more strongly to Pure Oud unless you know you love oud. I have all three: Pure Oud, Notorious Oud and L'Oud and love them all, but Pure Oud rules for me.
By   - Artist from Philadelphia on 12/29/2020
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