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Velvet Amber

Eau de Parfum

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Amazing fragrance! Sure to please! A Favorite! Fantastic
By   - Fine Art from Los Angeles on 11/4/2020
So this is supposed to be a unique take on amber. I tell you it lives up to the hype on my in a negative way. This smells like an old shoe polish that overtakes the entire composition. I was repulsed by this scent both on skin/paper. Think of Roja Fetish only X5 worst. No sweetness and none of the notes other than cypriol stand out. It’s not a velvet or ganache but a dark backside of a black leather that’s chemically treated. This is not an amber whatsoever. I can’t comprehend how this will last on the market. I thought FdB had only safe offering but boy I was wrong. Unfortunately I had to blind buy due to samples being unavailable due to the pandemic. The only other closest thing to it is Xerjoff 17/17 Homme.
By   - N/A from Las Vegas on 4/14/2020
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