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It is delicious, cozy and lasts a lot, his notes are very thin and clear, I love It !!
By   - Perfume lover from Santiago on 9/11/2016
Light, bright but disappears quickly. Inoffensive but not for me.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Newcastle upon Tyne on 9/5/2016
Beautiful scent.... It's feminine, soft, with a touch of sweetness. My children tell me I smell clean when I wear it. I particularly like the scent for day... I usually add an extra spritz to amp it up for night. There has not been a day I wore it with out someone commenting on it. Twice, when shopping, someone has followed me to another aisle to ask what I was wearing. It's sillage is incredible.
By   - Management  from Lewiston on 4/24/2016
The words that come to mind when wearing this scent are. luxury, comfort, seductive, classy, creamy. It stays very close to the skin and would be perfect for an office scent it you wish. It is a bit expensive for an everyday perfume.
By   - dental hygienist from Dallas on 1/10/2016
This is wonderful. Stays close to the body, soft and bright. Perfect for a dull January day.
By   - Receptionist from Des Moines, Iowa on 1/2/2016
Pure luxury, sheer elegance. Virtue, purity. A symphony of scent accords. Impossible to dislike it. It is a real mastery. In fact I feel I do not have words to describe it, because this was created in Heaven.
By   - Administrator, Monument Board, Slovakia from Kosice on 11/5/2015
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