Regent Leather


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I had high expectations and this fell a tad short. Fantastic frag, but was billed as a masculine leather scent. This wears more as unisex vanilla scent. Not much for projection but does last a long time. Very pleasant, very soft scent.
By   - Consultant  from Vancouver on 9/9/2020
I get pink sugar which I usually don't enjoy but this is done deft. Reminds me of what I love about GAO.
By   - Smoke Collector from Kalaheo on 8/23/2019
The creamiest of all possible unisex leathers, with a massive vanilla note (more like a chord) defining the parameters of a warm, soft leather effect. The lemon moves on quickly but the sparkle is picked up by the cedar, continuing into the darker base notes. There's not much in the way of sillage here, but the effect of quiet, enveloping luxury is exactly right.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/15/2017
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