Eight and Bob

Eau de Parfum

by Eight and Bob

Eight and Bob Sizes Available:
100ml $185
30ml $60
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Eight and Bob...
I'm new to Eight & Bob and I have to say this is one of the best scents I've ever smelled. It has a nice soft smooth fresh scent which is great for the spring and summer. I can't say enough about this scent. If you have not tried it get a sample but I would say it would be very safe to blind buy this as well. I'm one that likes to stay away from designer fragrances as I don't like to smell like everyone else and I can guarantee you that you will get compliments from this fragrance.
By   - Retired from Roswell on 3/16/2018
I am a woman, and I thought this was EGYPT, so I tried it on, then realized it was the original 8 &Bob. But hey, it smells awseome! I really have a hard time believing their whole story, but I swear it does smell like there is something different in there, and combined with the palo santo wood, all the amber and a bit of vanilla, it's pretty heavenly. Also love the spices in the beginning. Love this a lot. I'd consider purchasing. Not a boring fragrance whatsoever.
By   - Broker from San Francisco on 11/8/2016
Ok now this is quite lovely maybe slightly unisex, but i love it. Gotta use more but I'd give this about a 9 out of ten. I feel like theres a hint of burberry touch but this is much much mellower. Soft, discreet, hard to describe. Kinda fruity, creamy, fresh, but elegant. Not too overpowering imo but maybe if you use too much. Very nice composition. Unique and comforting, very wearable.
By   - n/a from sf valley, ca on 10/7/2016
The greatest fragrance ever created.
By   - Technician from Violet on 5/23/2016
Fresh and elegant. I can wear this day and night. Wish it came in a 50ml size to ease it into a more affordable range. Currently stretching out my sample.
By   - from Ottawa on 7/16/2015
Wonderful and evocative! This is an "old man" fragrance in the best possible way. It is bursting with the lime, spice and wood notes that my handsome grandfather loved in his after shave. He was of the same generation as Kennedy, so it makes complete sense.
By   - from Saint Paul on 5/1/2015
I'm sorry but others describe this as understated but that doesn't begin to reveal this scent. Mostly a light aquatic and I apologize again but it smells cheap. It is a chemical-like scent- much like soda carbonation. An icy "effervescent air" mixed with vanilla. I can detect the citrus if I bury my nose into my wrist. I noticed the "cheap" characteristic just smelling the sample. I then applied it to both wrist in abundance hoping for something to develop. It never did. I've smelled this accord before, It is very similar to Fahrenheit 32. Wish I had something better to say but this is just not worth the time or money.
By   - from Phoenix on 3/6/2015
Very fine fragrance with an understated elegance people notice. I've had people follow after me, when wearing this, asking for the name of my fragrance. It has become one of my favorites.
By   - from St Augustine, Fl on 12/14/2014
Eight and Bob is unique, one of my best parfums, I noticed people turn their heads to this scent.
By   - Designer from San Diego on 8/21/2014
This is an interesting fragrance. It is very understated and elegant. I would not necessarily call this fragrance something that would attract people. However, it is the type of fragrance that gives people the impression that the wearer is someone civilized and of stature. That said, I would not describe Eight & Bob as being a "sexy" fragrance. Rather, it is a nice fragrance for evening wear and for formal occasions.
By  on 3/25/2014
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