Don't Cry For Me

Eau de Parfum


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A pretty white-floral start on me was absolutely t-boned by a big wrong pong. Might be the ambrette, but I suspect that this is one of those occasions where jasmine’s darker indolic nature overcomes the forces of good. That opening trill was nice, though.
By   - editor from Seattle on 9/10/2020
This is a really pretty one. I got it as a sample and it's definitely floral, but it's light enough that the jasmine doesn't read too "old lady." It kind of reminds me of expensive, French bar soap.
By   - editor from washington dc on 12/20/2019
I absolutely loved this fragrance in sample vial. Unfortunately it disappeared on me within seconds of application. It's lovely if it would last.
By   - Homemaker from Charlotte on 2/9/2019
Interesting. Well-blended. Not a huge sillage monster, which I respect. The jasmine tea note is just right. For me (and maybe not for you), the ambrette is a musk, and my body amps it up. For normal skin, it may be just the hint you love.
By   - Writer from PHX on 4/22/2016
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