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I want to tell everyone and no one that this is what I’m wearing. I want to keep it to myself, so I don’t start to smell it everywhere, but it’s so beautiful I can’t help it. I’m a green scent addict, but I used to think that if you’ve smelled one crushed stem scent, you’ve smelled them all. Not anymore. Green Spell starts with a crushed dewy stem note, but like…if a dryad was was French kissing you at the same time. Green scents get overlooked when it comes time to suggest “sexy” fragrances, but I think that’s about to change.
By   - Person from New York on 7/21/2021
I really liked this. Predominately tomato leaf but softer, not as harsh as the real thing. Fades down to a soft herbal skin scent. Truly green and unisex. Unfortunately it did not last long enough on my skin to warrant the price. Sample, perhaps it will work differently for someone else. My search continues.
By   - Perfume lover from NY on 3/27/2021
So green, the galbanum is strong with this one. Both tomato and fig leaf are believable. It starts out like broken green stems and gets rounder, softer, riper over time but stays green through the drydown. Reminds me of L'Ombre dans L'Eau but I think GS has a nicer drydown.
By   - Business from Boston on 2/20/2021
I was hoping for a fresh green scent, but this is simply vegetal-- like fresh leaves pulled off a house plant and put into a blender.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 1/19/2021
This was a love at first sniff. Couldn't keep my nose off my wrist. It is green from beginning to end which is what I wanted. Other green fragrances I've tried go into vanilla or woods at the end. The tomato leaf is stand out which is what I love about my beloved Italian Leather (memo). So I am anxiously awaiting my full bottle from Luckyscent as well as the samples of which I sought out the Tomato Leaf note. I truly believe this will be considered a masterpiece.
By   - Interpreter from WA state on 1/14/2021
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