Aeon 001

Eau de Parfum

by Aeon Perfume

Aeon 001 Sizes Available:
65ml $240
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Here's what other people are saying about Aeon 001...
After trying almost all Vetivers out there, I could say this one is a Vetiver on Steroids also the Best Creation from 2016 so far. Aeon 001 is a complex Vetiver very smoky, mushroomy and dark Vetiver. Is like walking on a smoky vetivers roots with lots of resin spreading all over. Aeon is a chypre-like base vetiver that changes with the resin. If you really appreciate vetiver and smoky fragrances you can't go wrong with this mesmerizing fragrance.
By   - Wholesaler  from Miami on 2/4/2016
Its a good piece of art but That's about as far as this one goes. It has a nice smell too it when you are trying to individualy smell the notes. But as a whole fragrance its very feminine. I asked 3 women what they thought and none liked it. All of them basically came to the conclusion that it smelled like old women. The last problem is that on your skin it smells like flowers and Amber but on clothes it smells like straight vetiver. It actually smells better on your clothes and is masculine.
By   - Chef from Ponte Vedra Beach on 1/29/2016
This is an everchanging vetiver-centric fragrance that seems different from moment to moment. While it has a rich, complex smell, it's also unapologetically synthetic in a similar way to Bruno Fazzolari's line or Antoine Lie's and Antoine Maisondieu's work for ELO. Those who like this style will be pleased, this ranks up there with Lampblack, it's almost like LB summer edition. This review is cut WAY short by Luckyscent's 500 character limits, look it up on Basenotes. :)
By   - Engineer from Boulder on 1/20/2016
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