Parfums de Marly


Eau de Parfum

Athalia Sizes Available:
75ml $305 $180
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Athalia...
This is a beautiful scent, mature and dark. This is not your grandma scent but a black dress and old fashion cigarette stick. Perhaps this would be the scent of Cruella Deville in a good way lol. BUT! I will say as I was sampling this I couldn't get over HOW MUCH it smells like 'Ange ou Demon' by Givenchy which I own. So I sprayed the two fragrances on a sample strip and wow do they ever smell similar. Parfums de marly is ungodly expensive and comparing $305 to Givenchy $150 is kind of silly. I understand the niche hype for collecting purpose but really the price comparison is out of this world for pretty much the same scent.
By   - Spa worker from Canada on 7/14/2019
Beautiful, elegant, dark ambery floral. Empowering. A little grown up for me.
By   - N/A from Los Angeles on 2/17/2017
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