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Eau de Parfum

Galloway Sizes Available:
125ml $310
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Galloway...
Phenomenal and intoxicating! Of all PDM I've worn, this almost seems like a house secret. Longevity is beyond 12 hours. It's masculine, for any age, but I could see a woman of refined taste wearing it. Upon application, the citrus and pepper play with each-other. The pepper is earthy, the citrus brings just enough tang to provide a reflection. Pepper dominates, but doesn't overwhelm. Heart notes appear two hours in -- citrus lessens, pepper remains evident. This phase is where the Iris blossoms. It really beckons people to get close to your skin. About four hours in, the base appears. The dry-down is the most exciting phase! There's a dance between the pepper, amber, and musk. One will dominate briefly, then another, and so on.
By   - Consultation from Antibes on 10/31/2020
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