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I get more of an Ombré Leather 16 vibe in this, as it seems more refined and complex than TL. This is nicely softer like OL16, and I can also detect more notes from start to drydown. Nice green woody elements here, with some good spice. Best of Parfums de Marley IMO.
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 3/13/2017
I've been seeing the comparisons to TF Tuscan Leather, but I don't really find too many similarities. TL is the Big Dawg, with strong raspberry and a huge projection. I don't get any of that with Godolphin, even though I find it to be a decent scent. There's some Leather in this, but too many floral notes that stick out for me.
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 3/11/2017
An exceedingly well-built scent, this is the leather of a well-appointed, immaculately maintained boardroom. The opening few seconds were a bit more green and energetic than I might have expected (hello maté!), but this one clicks into gear right around the time those rose and berry-fruit notes roll out, and from there it's smooth, commanding elegance -- yes, very much like a thoroughbred's gait, thank you for noticing. Orris here has interesting work to do, modulating the funk of jasmine and the spikiness of cedar into an alert, composed civility -- and the result jumps my rating by a full star. Very impressive work.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/11/2017
A gorgeously round, warm, sweet scent that is VERY similar to Tuscan Leather (at first). Compared to TL, the opening is nearly indistinguishable, but the differences start to appear as the scent warms down to their base notes. Godolphin feels more feminine and sweet, while TL maintains more of a rough, leathery scent. It took me a good 2 weeks of alternating between the two samples to finally decide on what I liked more. Both scents seem to stay significantly longer on clothing than on skin, and I would consider Godolphin to be fairly unisex. In fact, I'd love to smell it on a woman, and it reminds me of an effortless beauty and grace, confident enough not to boast, while simultaneously playful and unrestrained.
By   - Designer from Boston 'burbs on 9/25/2016
Godolphin is amazingly beautiful! After sampling, I had to get the full bottle. It is reminiscent of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather but less floral and without the raspberry note. Tuscan Leather is really a tobacco scent to my nose and Godolphin is a very masculine, refined scent with greater projection and sillage than TL- and a great value by comparison. If you adore TL and Costamor's Tobacca, you will absolutely love the dignified scent ofGodolphin.
By   - Psychotherapist AL/ Environmental Cleanup Mgr RL from BayArea on 3/4/2016
Matched the description just wasn't to my tastes.
By   - Electronic Music Artist from Charlotte on 1/11/2016
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