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I put this on my wrist and was suddenly thinking of the cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Then it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch swimming in a bowl of artificial flower scent. Fortunately, the scent dried down to be powdery with generic flower notes - nothing I really wanted to wear, but not so bad that I had to scrub it off.
By   - Fundraiser from Monroe, VA on 9/21/2020
This perfume smells nothing like any other perfume! It’s the one sample that stood out to my out of the 21 samples I ordered. It smells amazing And was the one that lasted the longest!! I love it.
By   - SW engineer from Seattle on 7/9/2020
It reminds me of the 90's Body Shop oil "Freesia", which I loved. But I'm not getting the notes listed in the description. I like it, but it may be a little too feminine for me nowadays.
By   - Psychology from Brooklyn on 5/15/2020
just no. too much flower and oddly, it seems dusty to me. That is a cryptic description I know but it is kind of like walking into someone's kitchen when you hope you're not going to be asked to stay for dinner.
By   - writer from Chicago on 1/11/2019
It is totally addictive! I am not capable to describe scents with words. I definitely feel vanilla and flower in it. The dry down is amazing. Fantastic sweet evening scent that works better in cold weather
By   - no from Stockholm on 11/23/2017
I saw Lanier Smith talk about a sample of Marfa and I knew I had to try it. This fragrance to my nose is a blast of strong leather notes at first with a bite of jasmine, and dare I say, dirt. I just honeymooned in the desert this summer, and I can definitely get the notes of an almost juniper quality which adds to the warm desolation of this fragrance, along with a dewey freshness tinged with citrus. After about 20 minutes, the tuberose and sandalwood/vanilla take center stage and envelope the wearer in a kind of warm shawl worn to keep a cool desert evening breeze at bay. This scent is obviously evocative for me, and as a lover of the desert, it hit a home run with familiar scents I love to remember.
By   - Cat Herder from Portland, OR on 8/18/2017
Cedar-dried tuberose with a juicy mandarin-and-agave note wending its way through the heart. The vanilla-enhanced creaminess mentioned above kicks in late and accompanied by a really nice sandalwood; I’m not sure all this is “alien” or even that odd, but it’s lovely in its broad-vista, Tauer-adjacent way.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/14/2017
Finally lined up the samples and chose this one -- I am completely surprised, intrigued and in love. My nose isn't easy to please, and the description is on-point: it just works. At first with the floral/green, but then greeted by the clouds of musk and woods that float and whirl with each move. Not sweet, not precious. Completely subtle, sexy and unique. Getting!
By   - Marketing from Long Beach on 9/8/2016
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