Ilha do Mel

Eau de Parfum

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This is probably the best rendition of a honey fragrance (IMO) that I have tested. You can't compare fragrances as they are like art; subjective. But this one smells far better than Chanel's Beige. An amazing floral with all the notes perfectly blended and seamlessly orchestrated. It is long lasting and has a pleasing silage. Full bottle worthy.
By   - Engineer from RYDE on 7/21/2019
This scent is truly fantastic..... It was at the same time both mysterious and familiar, like something I smelled before. This is why I keep buying samples- no matter how many times I tell myself to stop. This one is quite floral, but has a similar opening as Zoologist Dragonfly-- somehow watery and powdery at once. As far as the florals, I kept thinking it was violets and iris, but hyacinth is close enough. Just the idea that I'm thinking of buying this for $300 should say what I truly think about it.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 3/5/2019
I was prepared to love this scent per the description, but I had to wash it off. It started off soapy and stayed that way; the warm notes never developed on me.
By   - Sample Tester from SoCal on 8/12/2016
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