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I have been looking for a great vanilla style perfume and am not overly fond of the common vanilla/citrus combo. Lalibela is lovely. I catch hints and whiffs of just about all the notes surrounded by a gentle, soft vanilla cocoon. I will be ordering another sample soon and think a full bottle will come after that. PS The "story" that comes with Lalibela is not my impression of this fragrance, but that really doesn't matter.
By   - retired from Manchester on 1/16/2019
I received Lalibela as a complimentary sample and I have been really excited to try the Memo range. This is a lovely perfume but nothing that is leaving an indelible impression. The lasting power is fantastic - I used 1/3 of a sample vial without reapplication and 8 hours later, still going strong. The sillage is average. I don't believe it is a full-bodied incense fragrance at all. I get a lot of coconut (not the sickly sweet scent but a warm vanilla tinged one), jasmine and patchouli. Sadly, I cannot smell that resinous tobacco, frankincense, labdanum :( the rose is very soft, which I appreciate as I am not a big rose fan. It is a comforting fragrance and IMO would work all year round (patchouli for the winter, the coconut giving it a lightness for summer). Do sample!
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 7/28/2015
This is a softly spicy ode to patchouli and I can already tell this (sizable) bottle will be used up in no time. Love!
By  on 4/9/2015
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