Italian Leather

Eau de Parfum

Italian Leather Sizes Available:
75ml $300
10ml Travel Spray $65
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Italian Leather...
Utterly gorgeous! Toothsome and radiant, this just beams on the skin. Great projection and incredibly long-lasting. It's one of those fragrances you'd take to that desert island. I'd happily wear this for the rest of my life if I could afford it.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 10/11/2017
Fantastic. Utterly masculine and intoxicating. Girlfriend can't stop smelling me
By   - marketing from Naples on 8/13/2017
The scent is beautiful, but on me it develops the note of tobacco. Tobacco kicks in very strong few minutes after application, then fades away, leaving the trace/aura. The fragrance gives me complete déjà vu of how I feel and smell when returning home from the party in a place with smokers: very happy with a hint of tobacco. Can't decide whether I like it or not. If not for "tobacco," i'd love it. Wouldn't call it "manly," definitely a unisex scent, maybe slightly tilted to "femme".
By   - analysis from Washignton DC on 9/30/2015
A beautiful "leather" scent but sweet and summery as well.
By  on 5/11/2015
Wonderful, manly scent. I imagine an elegant Italian gentleman dressed in Domenico Vacca wearing it. The smokey accent is beautiful, felt, but not overpowering.
By   - from NYC on 3/15/2015
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