D.S. and Durga

Cowboy Grass

Eau de Parfum

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Where is the love for this scent?? It's so nice! A vetiver with treats along the way. It's got that fragrant-wood smell going, I get the thyme but it's not too thymy, almost a bit of rubber/leather but it keeps fading back. I need to watch my fragrance spending but I'm adding this to my list.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/11/2020
I was very impressed with DS and Durga yet I felt this scent was very underdone in comparison to the other scents. It was a mild scent of wood with no real strength to it.
By   - Sales from Mpls on 3/8/2020
A very nice ambery herbal scent, this is a rather evocative perfume suited for warm spring or summer days. The perfume opens with notes of fresh grass, bergamot, and vetiver. The heart contains a floral herbal mix of sage, basil, thyme and rose. Finally the perfume settles into a powdery rosewood and ambergris. Unisex (masculine leaning) with moderate sillage and projection and good longevity. Very unique and haunting. A leisurely stroll in a herb laden field on a sunny spring day. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
I generally love DS & Durga, but this one was a let down for me. I loved all the herbs in the top, but it quickly dried down into a very simplistic, tangy vetiver similar to tons of vetiver fragrances out there. I didn't notice any rosewood. So this one did not win me over. Despite that, so many people recommended it to me, which means I might be in the minority as far as not really getting much enjoyment out of this.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 12/10/2018
This is my favorite D.S. & Durga scent for men. The notes of thyme and basil balance out the musty grass note. The scent settles into a nice peppery wood smell which is subtly draws you in by the fading grassy overlay. Perfect scent for fall/winter worn by a man who is sophisticatedly rugged.
By   - Student from Austin on 12/8/2015
Having worked around instrument builders in the past, I am familiar with a variety of wood scents. Cowboy Grass claims a dominant note of rosewood, and it sure enough is there in heaps when this fragrance first hits the skin. In fact, the rosewood is so dominant that it's all you detect for the first fifteen minutes or so. This fragrance has a long dry-down, and evolves nicely over time, as the rosewood gives way to some cedar, and that woody mélange finally makes way for a very straightforward, unashamed and tangy vetiver. Now, woods and vetiver are among my all time favorite fragrance notes, so yes, I like this fragrance. If I have any criticism it's that it's a bit blunt and two-dimensional... none of the other notes listed as components of the blend are really noticeable to me at all (Cowboy GRASS? What grass?!?). So if you like wood and vetiver, and you like a fragrance with tremendous staying power, and you don't mind sacrificing a bit in the way of sophistication, you should try this one. It's handsomely masculine, very outdoorsy, warm and organic and comforting. I don't see this as a warm-weather fragrance at all, but I suspect that when autumn rolls around, I'll have a bottle of this on my dresser.
By   - from Providence on 6/9/2015
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