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Perfectly nice but nothing special… figgy but in a gentle way, I enjoyed the dry-down throughout. I'll use up my sample but will be surprised if I end up ordering more.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/16/2020
Soft and sweet without ever touching saccharine. For me this evokes cashmere cardigans while drinking milk tea on a rainy day. There's something about it that makes me want to surround myself in it and cuddle into it. Buyer beware - just a sample will never be enough!
By   - Transcriptionist  from Portland on 8/27/2020
Sweet, milky, green, suede-like floral fig. My nose picks up a superb styrax/sandalwood/vanilla base. I don't detect the hyacinth/vetiver or watery-like essence.. but it's clear that those notes are there to keep the perfume from getting sugary or powdery. Gosh and the subtle leather accord is gorgeous!
By   - jeweler from Washington DC on 6/5/2019
Ashoka is your KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON scent. Soft, smooth, quiet (but with good sillage), and fresh. Fig and coconut are virtual dupes to my brain (and are often used in perfumery to boost one another's impact), and the fig here reads coconutty to me, but only vaguely so. I can wear Ashoka without feeling like I'm wearing sunblock. There are a lot of notes that normally read "sharp" on my skin: fir balsam, cedar, vetiver -- but they have no such effect here. If anything, they help Ashoka maintain a sort of organic freshness that keeps the milky-powdery notes (e.g., heliotrope) from overpowering the scent with a baby-powder impression. Superbly balanced, like all NVC scents.
By   - Soft Robotics from U.S.A. on 4/17/2019
Ashoka is a beautiful, bright and soothing oriental beauty where the two main notes are sandalwood and fig leaf/milk. These sweet notes are enhanced by Lotus, rose, water hyacinth, parsley, osmanthus, iris, incense, jasmine, geranium, ylang-ylang, fir, myrrh, cedar, vanilla, ambre gris, birch, vetiver, leather, styrax, and heliotrope to create a mystical, meditative and very beautiful juice that is very spiritual and reflective. Never overpowering, and shining with many oriental transcendental layers that slowly unfurl with the scent lingering on your skin, this is put quite simply, a gorgeous creation. Only topped by the the same perfumer/house offering Trayee, this is as good as it gets with modern oriental perfumery.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
A beautiful, light, fresh and milky melange of green, floral, fig, suede and wood, each accord sharing space and giving way to another in fluent interplay. In the heart, milky fig melts deliciously into buttery soft suede, which in turn segues into creamy sandalwood, all bathed in a gentle floral ambiance. The vibe is somewhat similar to the natural salty-sweetness of clean skin, but better--sublime, even! Graceful, accommodating and eminently wearable. Love this.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 1/5/2019
Hello, lovely! My new go-to for spring/summer. I love the fresh take on fig. Far more wearable than some of the other fig-based scents out there that tend to lean towards room sprays for me.
By   - Perfume Snob from Denver, CO on 12/16/2017
After reading much critical praise, I procured a sample of this perfume. To me, it is derivative of the ideas found in Versace Crystal Noir as well as Curve Crush for women. With the especially unattractive bottle, I thought, "Surely this is something spectacular like Youth Dew in dowdy packaging." Alas and alack: like Youth Dew it is an oriental, but not complex and not interesting. It is coconutty tea, though notably less strident than either the Versace or the Curve (some would find this a negative as well, with low sillage and longevity). Given the outrageous price (even for niche, sorry), I consider it a personal failure that I do not see the point of this fragrance.
By   - chemist from Athens, GA on 7/13/2014
Ashoka's heart is primarily aromatic bitter-green fig leaf and smooth slightly sweet fig milk, supported early by light florals and natural sandalwood over a strong coniferous green fir balsam base. Ashoka is absolutely captivating and easily one of the best releases of 2013.
By  on 10/14/2013
Absolutely stunning. I'm a huge fan of Neela's first 3 fragrances, and I think Trayee is hands down the best scent that came out last year. Ashoka is unmistakably the product of both Neela and Bertrand Duchaufour's beautiful imaginations. It opens with unique floral notes grounded in iris and then takes you on an hours long journey of notes opening and exposing themselves. The dry down, on my skin, has the most beautiful sandalwood that I've encountered in the past decade. This is an extremely comforting scent and I love that I completely understand the connection of the fragrance to both the perfumer's vision and it's name.
By   - from Lafayette, LA on 9/25/2013
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