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This is a sweet and musky maple syrup. Love it.
By   - Executive from Minneapolis on 12/11/2020
It's good
By   - Paper Pusher  from Sacramento on 11/2/2017
I went to the Luckyscent outlet in person and bought two outstanding colognes and got samples of the next 4 on my list. This scent was one of the 4. Its musty and spicy but not overpowering. Its maybe not one you wear everyday - but its definitely one you want in your cabinet.
By   - Watson from Saskatoon on 6/30/2016
I have a small sample and I just love this stuff. Brutus is a little rough and dirty and musty, with just the right tiny amount of sweetness to make it a perfect scent to my nose. The only thing is, for this price I think it should have more strength and longevity. It seems rather light; I have already applied it twice today, so I hesitate to buy a full bottle. But…Brutus will probably win.
By   - Musician from NYC on 3/21/2015
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