Eau de Parfum

by April Aromatics

Irisistible Sizes Available:
30ml $260
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Irisistible...
Incredibly beautiful and calming. While it starts very vegetal and green, the scent quickly softens into the most lovely realistic iris. I wish this lasted all day. I've been spraying it on my wrists at night and inhaling deeply because it just makes me relax and smells so wonderful.
By   - Student from Nashville on 7/14/2019
I was a bit disappointed with this scent. It smells very green and earthy. Not floral at all. If you like a more grassy, earthy scent ,then this is for you. Its quite strong too. I have got other April Aromatics before and absolutely love them. This one wasn't for me I am afraid??
By   - Medical sonographer from Queenstown on 2/27/2019
Powerful HEALING tool! This scent is magical with immense healing plant powers. It's so soft, subdued and skin scent par excellence. Tantalising, LUSCIOUS and sexy notes of hypnotic heady flowers. It really blends so well into the skin and becomes apart of your scent...enhances your own sexy scent so to speak. Love it!
By   - Teaching assistant  from Glasgow on 12/13/2018
Did You ever wished for Magic Wand? Did You ever wished to have mystic powers that allow You to know the hidden, to see the unseen and to attract the desirable? Irisistible is just what You wished for! It’s scent is beautifully moderate, quietly delicious, gently enveloping, - yet the most powerful, magnetic and mystic!
By   - artist from Stamford on 12/7/2018
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