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Tempted Muse

Eau de Parfum

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Of all my recent Lucky Scent purchases my Love's favorite (and mine as well) is Tempted Muse by Perfumer Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics . This fragrance is just so perfectly balanced, just the right amount of sparkle with the sexy honey and tonka skin loving warmth... I KNEW I would love it, and I do
By   - Herbalist, Beekeeper from Martha's Vineyard on 9/1/2016
Tanja Bochnig has done it again. The unexpectedness of this tuberose/jasmine/rose tapestry is the faint breath of frangipani that merely hints at the South Pacific. A delicious spring-summer walk through a hedged garden alley. Most of all, though, Tempted Muse seems to contain that same elusive and unique ingredient that all Bochnig's fragrances share, and that I can only surmise is decanted from her lovely sensibility and spirit. It's this that, for me, allows her perfumes to transcend anyone else's by miles. If you can bottle soul, Bochnig has managed to do it. Fortunately for us, her soul is apparently well worth bottling.
By   - from Austin on 4/20/2015
Big, curvy, honeyed floral and a really interesting approach to tuberose -- almost a musk without actually having muskiness. (Or is that just me getting confused by the total absence of sharp/citrus notes?) With great sillage power comes great responsibility, and I'd be terrified of, say, chaperoning a prom where the young ladies had gotten their wee hands on this, but for the grown and the careful this is a lovely, so-floral-it's-practically-edible creation.
By   - from Seattle on 4/15/2015
Round, rich, floral. Interesting. Lush. Not for me because of the price, but also because summer is coming on and it's too much for our heat.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 3/24/2015
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