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This is lovely. It’s a true lavender scent (like essential oil) with honey. I’ve been having a hard time finding a lavender perfume that smells fresh and herbal without musks or other overpowering notes. I plan to use this as a bedtime scent. Definitely buying a full bottle!
By   - Program Manager from Racine on 7/6/2021
I shouldn’t leave a review immediately after receiving my sample in the mail, but this is just so lovely. I’ve learned to wait at least a week, once the sample has had a little time to settle in a consistent environment. I’ve been hunting for a lavender like this for about four months. Not a lavender accord or one smothered by musk, but something closer to the experience of relaxing with lavender oil. Like I said, this probably needs a few days to settle, but right now it’s an herbal lavender with drips of natural honey. I’m not getting hay or vetiver today and can’t comment on sillage or longevity yet. It is a soft scent. I wish I could test it as a spray.
By   - Program Manager from Racine on 6/16/2021
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