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Pink Wood

Eau de Parfum

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I find it rather hard to find a perfume that feels like it belongs on my skin. I love many smells, I love to distinguish them and I love the complexity of many different aromatic ‘genres’. However, I’ve been struggling to find my own staple smell that I feel comfortable wearing because it tells a little bit about me without speaking. I love how the scent is mysterious and sensual, but never heavy. Instead it’s playful and cheeky. It’s unusual, not like a scent everybody wears. I fell in love with it.
By   - Student from Brussels on 10/21/2020
Really sexy and elegant, love Pink Wood. This is my first bottle- the rose/rosewood is most obvious but softened with the yummy woody background. I know I'm pretty sensitive to the "plant medicine" aspect of these natural perfumes and they are all different... Pink wood I would say is a libido enhancer (just saying!)
By   - Yogi from San Francisco on 5/24/2018
This is how I imagine a Goddess would smell like; Sweet, woody, exotic and so luscious. Pink Wood is a fullbodied scent for the Goddess that resides within all of US. I love smelling it from the bottleneck. All the pink flowers swirling and twirling around the woods, whilst they lay tamed down there. This scent fulfil my craving for a deep rose scent, a real fullbodied voluptuous thick rose. Makes me feel so beautiful, elegant, and classy. Unleashes my inner GODDESS and fuels my fire and lust for life. I love it so much!
By   - Teaching assistant  from Glasgow on 4/11/2018
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