Eau de Parfum

by April Aromatics

Agartha Sizes Available:
30ml $170 $120
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Agartha...
Smells like peaches on me, so pretty much all I can smell is the fruit. It's nice and not too sweet, but I really, *really* wanted to smell more honey, hay and tobacco because those are three of my favorite notes. Wishing I had a little spray bottle because I'm getting a feeling I'm losing some of the complexity by rubbing this on my skin with the sample applicator.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/13/2019
I smell a lot of very sweet peachy tea, then changes to a more earthy-skin scent..light in the beginning, but the small amount of patch? keeps it going, I like it...its pretty, but not that memorable to me.
By   - healthcare field from midwest on 11/23/2018
I'm on my second bottle of Agartha and loving it even more! My yoga teacher training and breathwork is showing me glimpses of the "Shangri La" love type bliss - Agartha goes right along with this feeling... I feel supported wearing April Aromatics natural perfumes. Love Love Love the fruity honey sweetness of this one x
By   - Yogi from San francisco on 5/24/2018
Meh, I don't like it as much as I thought I would. It's a bit like Eau de Ciel. It smells of hay and summer, but mostly of plants. I do not want to smell like a plant, personally.
By   - designer from Diessen on 2/19/2017
It's a snowy day on Martha's Vineyard... grey and coooold outside! I reach for Agartha... and a warmth envelops me like a bee in June! I am loving this elegant honey floral delight, it truly makes me happy, as happy as a bee in a perfume garden (and that's bliss believe me I have been watching my bees for years roll around in flowers drunk on pollen and color and fragrance!). ..... do I smell a juicy peach in the background? I feel confident applying even liberal amounts of April Aromatics perfumes to my skin because I know they are all natural, it's amazing how something so delicious can be a medicine too.....
By   - Herbalist, Beekeeper from Oak Bluffs on 2/12/2017
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