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It seemed too sweet, powdery & pastille-like until the drydown - when its individual scents balanced into a nice synthesis. Some frags induce headaches; for the longest time, I was convinced that some chemical was involved. However, after wearing frags that claim to be all-natural for a decade, I can say that while headaches might be a response to synthetic chemicals, some all-natural ingredients have the same effect. In fact, tho my partner rarely has a wheezing kind of response to frags, his response to all-natural frags a far more common. I'm not convinced about the aromatherapy-like claims of its "vibe," but it smells nice enough to wear again in case any of that might be true. In any case, I prefer other frags in this line.
By   - Professor from Vancouver on 6/17/2019
I had a fb of this which I finished a few months back... kind of weird about all natural perfumes and the aromatherapy aspect- imo it's not just the scent but what it "does" for your emotions/ endocrine system... I hadn't used that much of it until I picked it back up right before I made a huge transition in my life...right at that moment the scent seemed to make sense in a way it hadn't before... I feel like it gave me wings and helped me "transcend" the old life into the new. The Perfumer states "improving self-awareness and raising energetic vibrations" for this perfume. I really think it's true.. x
By   - Yogi from San Francisco on 5/24/2018
It would be unfair to characterize this as "parma violets and everything after," but that opening note is very much in super-sweet violet-pastille territory. It opens up into lilac and lavender and then, after a sort of woody "rest" moment of punctuation (yes, I see the orris listed, but it doesn't assert itself in the usual orris ways), meanders onward to jasmine-osmanthus territory, with the jasmine nicely dialed back to support the rest of the structure. And, yes, it is *so* very purple. It would be gimmicky if it weren't so darn pretty -- though with respect to a legend, I'm not sure the Jicky-ness of lavender is sufficient to pull this confection so far to the right on the femme-unisex-masc scale above.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/20/2017
UPDATE: I don't know what happened before, but today I tried this wonderful perfume again. I did dab on a bit more but not much and hours later it's still wafting up beautifully!!! I could not be happier. FBW.
By   - managerial from manchester on 1/23/2016
This is a really lovely fragrance, but............it disappears in 10-15 minutes. I've tried it twice with the same results. I may try putting it on clothes instead of skin. I like it that much.
By   - managerial from manchester on 12/23/2015
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