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At first sniff, this is high quality 100 proof whiskey! No kidding, it's the real deal. Whiskey only lasts for about 15 seconds before mellowing into a beautiful, soft, warm, comforting, slightly sweet scent. I love it. It doesn't have the longevity of bohemian spice, but it lasts long enough to enjoy. It is contemplative and calming, and unlike most things I have tried.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/1/2018
calling all angels was good SO good and this one is just as haunting... i love organics ... this one is a very soft whisper so if you like to be reminded not hit over the head with fragrance this is one deserves to be experienced. i am getting such a perfect blend of all i love here it is hard to describe.... i used to visit a seaside town and wander though the local woods... warm and figgy and herbal and natural .. just plain memorable. perfect for summer!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 4/22/2017
Not bad, but kind of... creamy... Iris and Tonka bean married in a bath of cream. Soft, pleasant, but not quite a candidate for my signature scent.
By   - designer from diessen on 3/5/2017
This fragrance is so perfect for New Year. Deep and Earthy yet uplifting I am surprised and very warmed by the botanical musks, sexy! Yes introverted, yes sexy, yes meditative/Spiritual. My other favorites from AA are Bohemian Spice and Calling All Angels.
By   - Beekeeper, Herbalist. from Oak Bluffs on 1/1/2017
If this is what old ladies smell like then sign me up for Friday Night Bingo. I find this to be such a deep, earthy, moody fragrance. It is perfect for these grey November days. I wouldn't wear it to a party--it's a bit introverted for that. But it's perfectly suited for a quiet Sunday afternoon. I agree that this is perhaps her best fragrance so far, and I'm a huge fan of Calling All Angels. Every time I wear it I find something new to love about it.
By   - Writer from Chicago on 11/12/2015
Just purchased a sample. After wearing a couple of times, I realized what it reminds me of - an old lady. It's comforting like that, but not really how I want to smell. The topnotes are queer, too. Probably going to pass on this one.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 9/8/2015
This heavenly scent feels very good being natural + I think satisfies any gender. Good for office or romance :)
By   - Retired in Hawaii from Pahoa on 4/24/2015
The dry down of this is stellar, and lasts and lasts. I own so many lovely and critically acclaimed scents that I don't enjoy smelling on fabrics the next day - they're just OFF by then. Perhaps it's because it's all natural, but Erdenstern stays a delight. This price is insane for 30mL, and I just might be insane enough to pull the trigger.
By  on 3/12/2015
This scent is a winner. The description above is spot on. It's very light, subtle but very layered and complex. I think it works equally well for women or men. I'm sure all who notice it will be most intrigued.
By  on 1/17/2015
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