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Rose L'Orange

Eau de Parfum

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pleasant, not too sweet, likable all around. I get the impression this is one of those that morphs wildly depending on individual skin chemistry-- I don't imagine many people will really dislike the results though!
By   -  Nurse from Philadelphia on 1/18/2020
Have You ever found Yourself feeling hungry, but not plain hungry but wanting to taste something delicious and replenishing? But no matter what You eat, You still remain unsatisfied? If so, Rose L’Orange can be Your savior! The delicious sweetness of rose and vanilla is beautifully balanced by invigorating orange blossoms, which makes this fragrance perfect food for finer bodies. It energizes, uplifts and brings smile every time I use it! And interesting enough the desire for regular food disappears :)
By   - artist from Stamford on 12/27/2018
Mesmerizing. I don't normally love rose. This is a balance between a lush rose and the jammy goodness of orange marmalade with bits of bitter peel. I love it. It's really beautiful and uplifting.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/2/2018
The review that said this was for non-rose lovers made me want to try it. The opening is interesting, but it doesn't last on me. Which is surprising, as Bohemian Spice lasted more than 12 hours. After two hours, I could no longer smell anything but . . . a whiff of dry smoke. Worth a try; it's all about individual chemistry.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2015
Both freshly citrussed and sensually blossomed, cheerful with vanilla and subtly nuanced with neroli, Rose L'Orange plays with the mind and nose through several surprising contradictions. The result is a seductive elixir that, like all of April Aromatics creations, changes the tone of the day.
By   - writer/author from Austin on 9/5/2014
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