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Years ago, 1990 to be exact, the store manager of the Ralph Lauren store in NY used to wear this perfume. He must have marinated his clothes in it because it arrived before he did and stayed in the room hours after he left. I cannot smell it without an association with that man. It quite femme, really aggressive in that late 1980s Giorgio era. Think of all those notes marching together in one bottle: wisteria, jasmine, narcissus, honeysuckle. It is too much and has a suffocatingly flowery militancy that is unrelenting.
By   - Photographer from Los Angeles, CA on 9/27/2019
Wisteria, in the spring... by the magnitude. Cascading their inflated violet coloured flowers trundled down in in masses as high as the eye can see and as far. Ass it creates a tunnel of flowers, vines, leaves, and a scent that is so ethereal and heavenly. But as you walk on the soft grass underneath the trundles of wisteria, you'll see, honeysuckle and narcissus and you will smell it too. That is the experience of Olene. Every time I inhale this lovely elixir of springtime flowers. Right back to my childhood, under the Wisteria trees. One must be a true floral love to appreciate this one. It does come on strong st first. It hangs around for a while. Just like I want it to This is my kind of perfume
By   - Medical Tech Retiree  from New England USA on 7/5/2019
I was looking something that smelled like Jasmin 17. This one was ok, but not quite what I was looking for.
By   - Librarian from San Antonio on 1/22/2018
I love florals and a few other Diptyque perfumes have wowed me, but this smells terrible on me. I usually love all the notes individually. It made me feel mildly sick to my stomach. I smelled like an old lady. I washed it off.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/18/2016
This is a very pretty floral... but that's it: there are no top notes and no base notes, it's just white and yellow flowers. I don't personally get a tea note, but I do get a sense that all parts of the flowers, including stems and leaves, have been used, as there is some hint of greenness. It's not overly sweet or indolic, which is what makes it so unique, but beware, it is a heady little thing, especially right after spraying...
By   - from LA on 4/7/2015
I love, love, love this scent. I am amazed by the hypnotic reality of the white flowers.It is a true rendition of wisteria,jasmine,narcissus and honeysuckle. There is a greenness to Olene, no sweet cloying notes that often appear in white floral scents. I have used a whole bottle already. Simply gorgeous!
By   - Student from Perth on 9/5/2014
It smells like jasmine green tea on me. My mother (little over 50 y.o.) find it very womanly. My hippy-friend consider it very oriental (that also back us to Japanese tea theme :). Anyway, it is pure and morning scent. Sometimes i wear it just for myself as good start of the day.
By   - from Fort Lauderdale on 3/7/2013
This one balance out beautifully, will consider buying a full size bottle. The jasmine is so not overpowering.
By   - Editor assistant from Jakarta on 5/18/2012
This is the most beautiful floral. It smells like real spring flowers. I only tried a sample and my husband and kids loved it. I can't wait for the full size to be available so I can buy a full bottle. I've been searching for a floral scent that captures the lovely aromas of Spring. This is it!
By   - from Reading, PA on 5/9/2012
My absolute favorite! If you love Honeysuckle Jasmine wisteria combination. Another attention grabber~ LOVE IT!
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/17/2010
When I used this perfume to work once, an iranian woman turned after meeting me in the stairs, claiming that she could smell orange flowers, like she had smelled back home. Are there even orange blossom fragrance in Olene? Anyway, this is a beuatiful, summery scent. I also use it sometimes in wintertimes to remind me of summer. Sumptous! Long lasting power too
By   - biologist from Malmo, Sweden on 1/9/2010
This is supposed to smell like Wisteria, but I found that it smelled medicinal (a bit like mouthwash). Also, it doesn't last - after an hour, I couldn't smell a thing. It's certainly not my favourite Diptyque scent.
By   - Teacher from Canada on 8/16/2009
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