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The only rose fragrance I have ever been able to wear, natural or synthetic. ALL prior fragrances either became sour or powdery. The orris is beautiful without being "carroty." The staying power is unheard of for a natural; I'm on hour 7. If you have tricky skin, you can wear this beautifully. If you love roses, it is a must buy!
By   - Social Worker from MA on 9/1/2016
This is a dewy bouquet of fresh red roses in the morning. Not one hint of geranium. I find this to be spot on to the real thing in my garden.. Mme. Isaac periere, maybe a bit of abraham lincoln. I love my roses and this perfume trurns every day into full blooming spring. It runs a tad sweet, almost as though there's a hint of tea rose. This is a really beautiful uplifting perfume.
By   - Therapist from New York on 12/6/2015
Never before have I been drawn to a rose fragrance; most are either too artificial or too crudely overstated. The subtlety of this rose combination is enlivened by the geranium; it could not be a more convincing manifestation of a living rose bouquet nestled just below my throat. Gorgeous!
By   - writer/author from AUSTIN on 9/5/2014
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