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The scent does not work with my chemistry. I found it went on with a weird spicy/grass smell with a bit of sweetness which may work for someone else. It soon disappeared and the scent became quite weak. I like my scents to project well and last long.
By   - Investor  from Victoria on 5/24/2021
There is something pretty and interesting about this scent, but honestly all put together it smells like those perfumed dolls that used to be so popular. But I'm not surprised something that's called 1996 smells like scented plastic from the 90's (just....a high end version of it). It does kind of grow on you but I'm not really sure I want to smell like this all the time. On me it's 3 stars but I'll give it 4 since it's incredibly unique.
By   - Chef from Surrey on 2/7/2021
This is so intoxicating. I have to agree with Sharon who left an earlier review; it is truly a holy grail scent. Undoubtedly one of the favorites in my personal collection. It's complex, powdery, delicate and rich at the same time. I want to be always smelling of this, it is truly heavenly.
By   - Artist from Portland on 5/18/2019
I'm not one who can dissect fragrance notes, and this one would be particularly difficult to describe. But I love, love, LOVE Byredo 1996!
By   - University administrator for medical sciences from Detroit, MI on 5/18/2019
Not bad, but not good enough at this price. I wish it had a little more sparkle and effervescence. The Juniper Berries are obscured by the heart and base notes making it too too flat- more of a scent than a perfume or cologne. It's not bad though and might be nice on someone else's skin. Maybe also better on a man.
By   - founder from Providence on 6/3/2018
I found this perfume instantly unpleasant, not bad, just repulsive, interesting, and multifaceted. My reaction was about the same when seeing the photograph. I can recognize the orris(iris) and violet. There is a predominant "artificial" leathery/plasticky note that I unfortunately could not overcome my repulsion for. The scent is cold, devoid of any sweetness. I didn't hate it, just really did not want to smell like it.
By   - nurse from lost in NJ on 6/25/2017
On to my second bottle of this lovely scent, it's addictive and completely unique. It's funny, my husband loves it and said yesterday that he smelled amber, and I thought he was wrong but then I see black amber right in the notes.
By   - Artist from Englewood Cliffs on 10/16/2015
This perfume is amazing and evocative. I find it creamy and deep, and surely smell the violet, but it's not a flowery scent, the elements combine to make it seem like a resin. This smells like wealth to me, like the interior of a fine home, with nothing out of place. I want my whole world to smell like this. I intend to hoard this, and buy only from Luckyscent, especially since I found out I paid way more for it at Barneys, and had to beg for other samples. This is an amazing scent, but very specific. I can picture wearing it in any weather, but it's amazing for summer right now. Lasts forever too, at least 12 hours. My new holy grail of perfume.
By   - Artist from Englewood Cliffs on 6/21/2015
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