Accord Oud

Eau de Parfum

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This is my favorite fragrance. No matter what the weather or time of day is, it’s always good. The key is that all of the listed fragrance notes are present, but are so perfectly balanced that none stand out. Sure, there’s some blackberry and rum there, but only a whisper compared to the sleeve-tug of Jubilation XXV. Patchouli? Maybe, but nothing a Phish fan would notice. Accord Oud is a beautiful mystery you can wear on your skin, and the only surprising thing to me is that this fragrance is nine years old and I’m the first commenter. A MUST-HAVE.
By   - Fragrance Noob from El Segundo on 9/4/2019
Masterpiece. Soft Oud with Violets for me. On to the 4th bottle. Subtle Scent. very wearable
By   - Occupation from Sydney on 10/16/2017
A little too heavy on the cedar for me. I would like this better as a closet freshener or something along those lines. Not as a personal fragrance.
By   - Marketing Executive from BRANCHBURG on 2/18/2017
Not my favorite of the line although I've loved many of the Byredo samples. The good news is that it's not overpoweringly oud like as that is not my favorite note. The bad news is that I get too much Patchouli and saffron. LIke the idea of fruit and oud together. This smells a tad like my beloved baseball glove with saffron mixed in. Interesting for sure and complex but not my favorite of the line.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/3/2016
It is a masterpaece! Saffron, berries, leather and oud are well balanced to make this perfect!! I am not a big fan of oud, but here it is just enought to enjoy this beauty! If you're a leather's lover, give this a try! You won't be disappointed! Wonderfull!
By   - Nurse from Rimouski, Canada on 6/4/2015
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