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I'm missing something here. It smells like grapefruit peels—punchy, citrus, a bit sophisticated, but with a bitter edge that doesn't yield. It's like I get the bergamot and musk but no rose? Something is off. Pulp is the citrus vegetal punch I wanted.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
Oooh I love this. I smell bright pink grapefruit--that must be the bergamot. This is an effervescent citrus soapy scent that opens in a bright burst then settles quickly into a faint happy little secret you can share when you care to press your nose to your wrist. I like the transient quality. A fun sparkle you can spritz on for a pick-me-up without committing to a long production of complicated dramas. Fab and cheerful in warm weather.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 2/23/2018
I have to agree with the other reviewer, Tom. It smells initially of bright citruses, mainly bergamot and bigarade (aka bitter orange). I just can't detect the rose and musk notes, no matter how much I try or apply, they just are't there. After a couple hours I only notice the bigarade left close to my skin. It's a nice scent, but also boring and uncomplex.
By   - Accountant from Chicago on 4/8/2017
While this is a light, lovely scent, it's not for me. Palermo is a fairly sweet explosion of bergamot and other citrus fruits. The rose and musk are barely detectable. This is a soft scent with low silage that sits closer to the skin. It's not bad (it's just not interesting).
By   - Sales Professional from Roanoke on 10/8/2016
Light, breezy citrus. A soapy clean warm sent. All summer and sunshine and quiet. I love it.
By   - Carpenter from Boston on 3/3/2016
To me, this opens with a lot of citrus- (grapefruit? Bergamot?) but it also is 30% shampoo smell. I like it the citrus, a LOT, but I don't love it because it smells too much like shampoo and has poor longevity. I will stick with Pulp.
By   - Property Manager from Mission Viejo on 8/19/2015
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