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People always rave about this brand but I just don't understand the hype. This cologne is fine, starts of very woody, then goes more citrusy and then back to a spicier wood. Also I know that colognes historically were very light and not super long lasting, but this has very little projection on skin and fades incredibly quickly for an eau de parfum. Lasts a bit longer on fabric though. It's a perfectly nice cologne and I think it's pretty unisex as well for those women not looking for a sweet fragrance. But the price point is way above how basic this scent really is.
By   - Chef from Langley on 10/24/2020
While this is listed as a masculine scent, women who love a dry, unsweet, rich, delightful fragrance can wear this, too. I'm so tired of the fruity/floral, cedar-heavy women's fragrance, I tried this. It is crisp, not soapy, not powdery, and has a clean, white-linen fragrance that is graceful, elegant, and polished.
By   - Writer from PHX on 7/11/2019
This is a wonderfully clean vetiver and lavender fragrance with a little touch of incense, that goes with a fresh white robe and a cup of coffee after a shower on a Sunday morning. Strangely, although I would say it is a clean scent, it is not soapy. And, it is also not sweet at all. The bottom line: it is distinctive. By this I mean it is not a generic fragrance, as so many are. It doesn't have tons of projection and I guess you would say its a skin fragrance, unless you put it on very heavily. That would be a bad idea. Keep it simple, a maximum of two sprays at arms length, and a bit on the pulse points of the wrist/s for your own gratification. I love this, it is very clean, masculine and subtle.
By   - Of Counsel Atty. from Stamford, CT on 10/7/2018
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