Rose Noir

Eau de Parfum

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This scent is weird, but I honestly mean that as a compliment. It smells nothing like roses to me, but maybe I'm just not familiar with the damascena variety. I get mainly a sweet citrus-y sort of scent, but unlike anything else I've ever smelled....yet somehow this scent is so incredibly familiar. Maybe it's the freesia, as my mom grew them when I was a kid. The projection on it is good, I get wafts of it now and again but it's definitely not cloying.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/4/2019
Yes! One of the best scents by Byredo. Distinct from Rose of No One's Land, which is also great. I'm confused by Byredo, as I think most are mediocre and over priced, a few are just horribly bad, and a few rise to the top and are great. This is one of my favorites.
By   - founder from Providence on 6/3/2018
Love this scent, I get complimented everyday. And always get asked what perfume I am wearing. This is my favorite scent of all time.
By   - house wife from irvine on 9/24/2015
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